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Days 65 to 69

Exmouth to Kalbarri

semi-overcast 21 °C

Tues 11th Aug Day 65
This morning we went for a drive out to the Cape range National Park. We called into the Park Information Centre before travelling out to Mandu Mandu Gorge. We have walked this track before so while Rodney and Alyssa walked the bottom of the gorge, we took a short walk up onto the rim.
We drove back to the caravan for lunch then out to the remains of the wreck of the SS Mildura which came to grief in 1907.
While we were out there took a photo of the naval Communications Towers the center mast being the tallest construction in the southern hemisphere at 387.6 metres.

Wed 12th Aug Day 66
We departed Exmouth this morning and had an uneventful trip to the Tropic of Capricorn where we took some photos and a photo of Hiroe and Mulla Mulla again.
We arrived at Carnarvon and booked into a caravan park then after setting up we drove into town and had a walk around town then out to the 1 Mile jetty.

Thur 13th Aug Day 67
Today we drove out to Quobba Blowholes and took lots of phots there. The sea was co-operating and the blowholes were working well.
We drove out to the local HMAS Sydney memorial Cairn. The Sydney and the German Kormoran fought in Nov 1941 the both ships being sunk. All 645 crew members of the Sydney perished.
We drove up the hill at Quobba to have a look at the lighthouse. The road was quite steep and VERY rough.
We drove back to Carnarvon and visited the old NASA space telescope.
Back to the town cengtre for a late lunch then to the caravan to get ready for tomorrows departure.

Fri Aug 14 Day 68
We left Carnarvon early this morning and drove towards Overlander Roadhouse where we turned west into the Shark Bay World Heritage area and arrived at Hamelin Bay where there are a vast field of Stromatolites.
Next stop was almost next door at the old Hamelin telegraph Station where we had lunch and looked at the Shell Block Quarry. The Shell blocks were used to construct dwellings etc in the area.
We continued on up the road and called in to have a look at Shell Beach. There are billions of shells here.
We then drove on into the town of Denham. There are three caravan parks in this town and they are all filled so we had to drive back down the road to a parking area where we have camped for the night.
The scenery is magnificent as we are on a slight cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Sat 15th Aug Day 69
What a wonderful Free Camp we found for last night. The scenery looking out over the ocean, especially at sunset was tremendous.
We drove back to the West Coast Highway then after refuelling we drove south to what was to be our overnight stop at galena Bridge Rest Area. It was only lunch time so after eating we decided that we would continue on and travel out to kalbarri. Glenn and Yvonne went further south as they want to reach Perth before us.
We travelled out to Hawks Head and Ross Graham Lookouts.
Having phoned ahead and booked into a caravan park we checked in the went for a drive around town including checking out some eating places for tonight and a lookout over the mouth of the Murchison River.

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Days 53 to 64

Broome to Exmouth

sunny 32 °C

Thurs 30 July
We left Derby fairly early and had an uneventful 222 km trip down to Broome. except for the fog which was quite thick.
So uneventful that we didn't take a single photo

Fri 31 July

We had the car serviced this morning then went for a drive down to the wharf area. The shore here is very colourful.
We then drove to Gantheaume Point where a cast of dinosaur footprints which exist and can be seen at extreme low tide in the ocen nearby. The rocks in the area are magnificent. They were made some 120 million years ago and they stretch for about 80 kms along the Broome sandstone coastline. There have been more than 20 species identified.
It was lunch time so we went to Matso's brewery and restaurant. We inquired of George Bishop who is the son of our very good friends; Angus and Himomi Bishop in Nowra. George had been living in and around Broome for the past 5 years. George turned up just as we were finishing lunch and we arranged to come back and spend some time with him when he finished work. In the mean time we walked to China town and Hiroe spent some time talking to statues of a diver and some Japanese Gentlemen.
It was back to meet up with George and to have a beer.
We picked up Rodney a Lissie and drove to Cable Beach so that they could go on a sunset camel ride.

Sat 1 Aug
This morning we visited the Court House markets in Broome and didn't purchase a thing (except Lissie got a home made lemonade drink).
Next stop was the shopping centre near China Town where we stocked up for the trip south. No photos from this morning.
This evening we met up with George Bishop again when he was performing at a very large hotel. While we were there we saw the Stairway to The Moon.

Sun 2nd Aug
We left Broome this morning and drove a long way to DeGrey River Rest Area (530 km). On the way it was quite uninspiring,, in fact, around Pardoo Roadhouse it was very barren.
We finally arrived at DeGrey River Rest Area and that night Rodney took a photo of our car and van with stars overhead.

Mon 3rd August Day 57
We drove into Port Hedland and after parking and looking at the harbour faciity
we visited the Info Centre to try and get information about train times but we found that today is a public holiday (Hedland Cup aces) so we backtracked to South Hedland shopping centre for morning tea and to stock up the van for the coming 5-6 days in Karijini National Park. We drove to the junction of the Great Northern Highway and the North West Coastal Highway where we had lunch. There are a lot of road trains on this road.
After lunch we continued south on the Great Northern Highway to our overnight stop - Bea Bea Creek est Area. Along the way there were some very good scenes.
We had a lovely dinner outdoors with great views. There was a lovely ghost gum on the bank of the creek

Thurs 4th Aug Day 58
After a bgood nights rest we continued on to a refuelling stop at Auski Roadhouse. Everything is covered in red dust.
Took a photo of Lissie and Hiroe amongst a patch of Mulla Mulla flowers
We have started to enter wild flower area of Western Australia. After refuelling we drove up the escarpment to Albert Bognanini Lookout witch had magnificent views of the cutting we had just driven up.
We continued on to Dales Campground in Karijini National Park and after setting up we took a look at Fortesque Falls.
Then on to have a look at Circular Pool.
Rodney and Lissie decided to walk down to the bottom of the gorge then walk along the bottom to Fortesque Falls and Fern Pool for a swim. They thought that the return trip would take 2 hours but in the end it took 3.

Wed 5th Aug Day 59
We took Alyssa for a 2km walk this morning to Fortesque Lookout then after lunch we drove to the Park Visitor Centre .

Thurs 6th Aug Day 60
Departing Dales Campground we headed towards the Karijini Eco Retreat campground n(a drive of 70 km). On the way we were surrounded by magnificent patches of wildflowers, mainly mulla mulla of different colours but yellow cassia as well.
Some of the hills around here are magnificent red while others are covered in green spinifex.
We passed quite close to Mount Bruce which is the second highest peak in Western Australia - again it was quite colourful.
We finally arrived at the Karijini Eco Retreat and after booking in and setting up we went for a walk to have a look at Joffre Gorge and do a bit of photography.

Fri 7th Aug Day 61
Lissie went with Glenn and Yvonne to do a mine tour in Tom Price early this morning while Rodney left before sunrise to do some photography at Hancock Gorge. When Rodney returned at 11 am we went into Tom Price to catch up with Lissie Glenn and Yvonne.

Sat 8th Aug Day 62
This morning Hiroe and I walked to Joffre Gorge again but this time, as well as looking from Joffre View we walked to the top of the falls thenup the hard climb to the other side of the gorge.
Hiroe was very pleased to see Glenn and Yvonne's car parked at the lookout there. Glenn then drove us to Knox Lookout which was very attractive.
We then went back out of the National Park to Mount Bruce and walked out on the Marandoo walk to a lookout above Marandoo Iron Ore Mine.

Sun 9th Aug Day 63
We left Karijini National Park and drove to paraburdoo where we had morning tea. This is a very small mining town and being Sunday, everything was very quiet. We continued on to our proposed overnight stop at Beasley Rest Area - it was far too early to stop so we continued on to Nanutarra where we refuelled then south to a Rest Area at Barradale.

Mon 10th Aug Day 64
We continued on till we reached Exmouth at about 11 am where we did some shopping and had lunch before checking in at the Lighthouse Caravan Park for the next 2 nights. We passed the Naval Communications base on the way.
Most of the afternoon was taken up with washing of clothes etc since it has been more that a week since the last laundry has been sighted. 5 loads were done.

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Days 46 to 52

Kununurra to Derby

sunny 32 °C

Thur 23 July
We departed Kununurra and drove towards Wyndham. The Cockburn Ranges in the morning sunlight were spectacular.

After disconnecting the caravan from the car we drove up to the 5 Rivers Lookout (The road is too steep and windy to accommodate caravans). The scenery from up here is stunning.
We drove all around Old Wyndham and New Wyndham and ended the tour out here at some Aboriginal Dreamtime statues and a crocodile statue.
The next stop was at the Grotto. We have camped here before but now it has been designated as day use only.
It was then back to the junction of the Victoria and Great Northern Highways for tonight's stop at the Cockburn Rest Area.

Fri 24 July
We left the rest area quite early this morning and drove towards our overnight stop for tonight. All along the way the scenery was absolutely stunning.
The following photos were taken between Cockburn and Turkey Creek (Warnum).
Took a photo of Rodney, Alyssa, Hiroe Yvonne and Glen at our morning tea stop.large_2015_July_..on_the_road.jpg
We finally arrived at Spring Creek Rest Area and luckily we arrived just in time to find shady spots. Rodney and Lissie will be going on a 4WD bus trip into the Bungle Bungles tomorrow.

Sat 25 July
Took Rodney and Alyssa to the Tour 4WD bus at 6.45 this morning then came back to the caravan to try and do some maintenance on the van fridge. It's not cooling enough on gas so disassemble the gas burner and jet and tried to clean them up a bit so hoping it all works now (the flame is now blue so that's a bonus.
Took a couple of photos around the campspot.

Sun 26 July
We left Spring Creek Rest Area right on 8.00 am today and headed south. First stop was at Halls Creek to refuel and we though take on water in our caravan tanks. The Info centre wanted 20c per litre so we gave it a miss. Took a photo of the Russian Jack statue. Russian Jack wheeled a mate over 300 km in a hand made wheelbarrow trying to get medical help. His mate died on the last stretch.
Did a little shopping then continued on our way and had lunch at Mary Pool. We thought we might stop here for the night but it was packed out. Took a photo of an interesting tree here.
After lunch we drove on southwards to a lookout near Louisa Downs.
The onwards again to Ngumpan Cliffs Rest Area where we set up to stay the night. The views from here are great. There were a flock of Spinifex Pigeons just near where we have camped..

Mon 27 July
The Sunset from Ngumpan Lookout last night was magnificent so had to take a photo.
The early morning views were also great.
As we drove down the highway (Rodney at the wheel) I took the opportunity of taking a few more photos along the way.
We arrived in Fitzroy Crossing and after checking with the Information centre on the road conditions out to Winjana Gorge we were advised not to undertake it as there was a very large water crossing over 200 metres wide and about 400 mm deep. We decided to do the Geiki Gorge boat trip instead. The rock formations along this gorge are quite beautiful. There were a few fresh water crocodiles as well.
After to boat trip we drove down the highway and it was getting quite dark so we pulled off the road into a gravel pit for the night.

Tues 28 July
This morning we left at a leisurely pace and ended up at The Boab Rest area. We are about 100 km from Derby which we have booked into a caravan park for the night tomorrow.

Wed 29 July
We headed towards Derby this morning and on the way stopped to have a look at the Prison Tree. It is reputed that Aboriginals were kept in the tree hollow awaiting transportation into Derby Gaol.
After booking into a caravan park we went for a drive down to the Derby wharf. The tide here at times exceeds 10 metres.

It has been extremely hot today and we are hoping for cooler weather soon.


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Days 38 ro 45

Darwin to Kununurra

sunny 30 °C

Wed 15 July
After leaving Darwin we drove to Berry Springs where we had a swim in the thermal pool.
2015_July_..y_Springs_4.jpg2015_July_..y_Springs_3.jpgWe then drove to Katherine where we refuelled before going on to tonights campspot at Vince Connoly Crossing rest are. We were very lucky to get in as there are a lot of caravans/motorhomes etc on the road, many more that we have seen on previous trips.

Thur 16 July
Rodney was driving today and we continued westward towards Victoria River and on the way took some photos and video.

The scenery is becoming quite spectacular.
We stopped at Victoria River and took some photos and video from the bridge.

There were some US Marines at the service station so took a photo of some of them as well.
Onwards then towards Timber Creek and along the way stopped at the Noel Buntine Memorial. Noel was responsible for the construction of the Buntine Highway.
Took some photos on the way to Timber Creek and some video as well.

We then stopped at the Bradshaw Bridge which crosses the Victoria River to give Military access across the river to then extensive training ground.
We drove on to Big Horse Creek Rest A rea where we had planned to stay for the night but it was packed so we continied on to East Baines River Rest Area for the night and took a photo of Lissie with a boab tree.

Fri 17 July
We drove westward again calling in at Saddle Creek Rest Area for a comfort stop - the escarpment here is beautiful and there are capok and eucalyptus trees flowering everywhere.
We took the very rough gravel road for 19km into the Keep River National Park to the Gurrandalng Campground then went on a 2 km walk which was excellent. The rock formations are a little like the Bungle Bungles.

Sat 18 July.
We drove north without the caravan to Jarmen Campground.
Then went on the 7.2 km loop walk which took in the Aboriginal At site which was a bit of a disappointment.
Then on to the Jarmen Lookout.

We returned to the caravan and after dinner we lit a fire and sat oround with Glen and Yvonne for an hour or so.
The Keep River NP was well worth the visit.

Sun 19 July
Left Keep River NP and drove to the Northern Territory/Western Australian border where we had to give up all the fruit and vegetables we possessed then continued on to Lake Argyle and booked into the caravan park there. There was some spectacular scenery all the way along the road. The colours of the rock are simply magnificent.
After setting up we went into Kununurra to do some shopping, to have lunch and to fill a gas bottle. Lissie lost her mobile phone leaving it in the cafe where we had lunch.

Mon 20 July
It was washing day this morning and following that we went for a drive over the Ord River Dam to a picnic area below it. We looked for a crocodile without success.
This dam can hold up to 45 times the total water in Sydney Harbour but at the moment only about 18 times. The lake behind the dam is 75 km long. It is the largest fresh water lake in Australia and is man made. It has a surface area of over 1,000 square kilometres and a shoreline stretching over 900 kms. As well as stunning scenery it is home to an estimated 30,000 freshwater crocodiles, 26 species of native fish.

Rodney and Lissie went on a sunset cruise and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Tues 21 July
We departed Lake Argyle and dove into Kununurra and booked into a caravan park. Went into the town and did a bit of shopping including looking at Pink Diamonds for Hiroe but couldn't find one big enough. In the afternoon we have a brief look at Lake Kununurra which borders on the caravan park.
Then we went to have a look at the Mini Bungle Bungles which is quite close to town.

Wed 22 July
This morning we drove out to Ivanhoe Crossing which was the original road from Wyndam to Darwin. It has been blocked now to preventing cars attempting to cross over since at times it could be quite dangerous.

We will be out of range for a while again as of tomorrow so you will have to wait for an update till we are back.

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Days 32 to

In Darwin

sunny 30 °C

Days 32 and 33
Well, we have been busy the last two days. Cleaning the van of dust and dirt after the gravel roads we have been on. Hiroe did some washing and we have done a LOT of shopping; A new Tom Tom navigator, Some toilet chemicals, food, electrical items for some repairs etc, etc.
Rodney and Alyssa arrive tomorrow so we have been trying to have all these jobs done prior to their arrival.
Even though it is the middle of winter it is quite HOT up here. 30 C.

Day 34. Well today is the big day when son Rodney and Grand daughter Alyssa arrive from Sydney to join us for about 5 weeks. Did a bit more on the caravan this morning - Fixing up the privacy screen on the awning which didn't fit very well.

Day 35. Today was very busy. After breakfast we drove to Nightcliffe intending to visit the shoreline but on the way found a Sunday Market so had a quick look around before driving on to the wharf at Nightcliffe.
From here we drove on to East Point where we travelled around through the Military Museum area and the WW2 Gun Emplacements.
The Rock shoreline here is quite spectacular and colourful. There are many ships and aircraft in Darwin for joint excercises with the US, The Japanese, The New Zealanders and the Aussies.
We then drove in to Darwin itself and parked close to the Smith Street Mall where we had lunch then continued on to look at the Northern Territory Parliament House which is quite different.
From here we visited the N.T. Art Gallery and Museum before returning to the caravan so that Rodney and Lissie could make use of the swimming pools here.
Later in the evening we went to Mindil Sunset Markets where we walked around looking at all of the food, clothing etc
and then watched the sunset. It was quite spectacular.
It was time to eat dinner so as we had already decided on what we would have, it was back to that stall for some lovely fish, salad and sweet potato chips. (Lissie had a whole Pizza).

Day 36. First task this morning was to replace the battery charger in the caravan as the old one had died. While Bob was doing this and monitoring the whole process of rejuvenating the batteries Hiroe, Rodney and Lissie went to look at Lee Point.
This evening we went on a dinner cruise of Darwin harbour. The food wasn't quite what we expected but was passable.

Day 37. Our last day in Darwin as we will be leaving here tomorrow morning. We went into the city in the morning and Hiroe, Rodney and Alsysa went into the World War 2 Fuel tunnels which were excavated under the town but never actually used.
Bob has an upset stomach so we returned to the van, had lunch then started the packing up of the awning and tidying up the caravan.

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