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Days 94 to 98

Port Augusta to Home

sunny 26 °C

Wed Sep 9 Day 94
It was still raining when we left Port Augusta this morning. We turned off the Eyre Highway and had a look at Crystal Brook before continuing on to the lovely old town of Burra which was an old copper mining town. The chimneys at mine infrastructure were all built about the 1850's.
In addition there are a lot of terrace housing built for the miners. There are many street of them and they have been well preserved.

Thurs 10th Sep Day 95
We had a long trip today so we started early and reached Renmark at about 9am. We took a few photos of the Murray River here and some sculpture and fountains.
On then to Mildura where we had lunch next to Lock 11 on the Murray. There was maintenance work going on so we couldn't get into the park there so we ate lunch in the vans.
It was onwards again to tonights rest stop at Balranald and a free camp behind the Information centre in the centre of town.

Fri 11th Sep Day 96
After a nice quiet sleep last night we left Balranald and drove to Hay where we refuelled and had morning tea in front of the lovely old Court House there.
We then drove on to Naranderra. The whole of todays 309km drive was VERY boring. This must be one of the worst roads in Australia - boring,and very bumpy. When we arrived in Naranderra we booked into the Showground for the night. Glenn and Yvonne will be staying here for 3 nights as Yvonne has a lifelong friend living here. We will continue on to home.

Sat 12th Sep Day 97
We said goodbye to Glenn and Yvonne and headed for home on our own. This is the first time for 97 days we have been alone. First stop was a quick drive around C2015_Sep_1..la_3__Copy_.jpg2015_Sep_1..la_2__Copy_.jpg2015_Sep_1..la_1__Copy_.jpg7E032CF5BCD8A297AF3A745E06958A5C.jpg2015_Sep_1..dock__Copy_.jpg2015_Sep_1..unee__Copy_.jpgoolamon. We have been here many times before so we were just acquainting ourselves.
Next stop was at Junee to have a look at the Chocolate and Licorice factory and to have morning tea there.
Back on the road and we drove to Cootamundra and had a good look around this fairly large town. We had lunch here before heading for our overnight stop in the Jugiong Rest Area. All along the way today there has been a lot of Canola and cereal grains growing as well a sheep and cattle grazing.

Sun 13th Sep Day 98
Leaving Jugiong we called in to have a look at the very small village of Bowning. We didn't stop. On then to Gunning where we walked around the town which didn't take to long. Next stop was at Goulburn where we had a good look around this inland city and especially it's magnificent Court House.
We had lunch then continued on to the new bridge over the Shoalhaven River at Oallen. It is much better that the old ford and should be OK even when the river is in flood.
We then completed our winter escape holiday by driving home arriving there at about 4.15 pm.

It has been a wonderful trip this year especially having Rodney and Alyssa with us for 6 weeks or more.


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Days 90 to 93

10 MIle Rock Rest Area to

overcast 18 °C

Sat 5th Sep Day 90
We departed the 10 Mile Rock Rest Area at about 8 am and drove to Balladonia and took a photo of some of the US Skylab which landed near here in 1971.
We stopped for a photo at the start of the longest straight streatch of road in Australia.
Next stop was at Caiguna for a refuel and lunch. While we were there a few antique cars, one pulling an old caravan pulled in so had to take a photo.
On then past Cocklebiddy to Madura Pass where again we had to take a photo.
Then on to tonights rest area, at Moondinni Bluff which is 90km west of Mundrabilla.

Sun 6th Sep day 91
We travelled from last nights rest stop to Eucla where we refuelled and had morning tea. We then continued for another 12 km to the border of West and South Australia.
We continued eastward and called in to have a look at 4 of the Great Austraian Bight Lookouts which provide spectacular views from the cliff edge. We saw a mother whale and calf at one lookout.
We stopped at Nullabor Roadhouse fro fuel and Took a photo of 1 of the many beware of animals signs.
We camped for the night 222 km east of the border.

Mon 7th Sep Day 92
No photos from today although we did travel quite a distance (about 440km).
We passed through the agriculture check point just out of Ceduna then fuelled up and congtinued east to Minnipa to a very nice rest area in town.

Tues 8th Sep day 93
We departed the very good rest area at Minipa and drove to Wudina where we stopped to take some photos of the granite Statue of a Farmer there. It is quite impressive for such a small town.
All the way along this road there are grain silos next to the rail line.
We continued on to Kimba and took a photo of Hiroe and the big gallah there as well as having morning tea.
We drove on to Port Augusta and booked into the same caravan park we were in when we left to travel up through the centre.
We should be home within a week so this may well be our second last entry.

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Perth to 10 Mile Rock Rest Area, 80km East of Norseman

Days 84 to 89

rain 18 °C

Sunday 30th Aug Day 84

After packing everything up, we left Perth at about 8.20 this morning taking the Roe Highway to the Kwinana Freeway south to Bunbury. We stopped for morning tea at a parking bay and minutes after we stopped, Glenn and Yvonne pulled in.
We continued on the Bunbury which certainly has grown since I was a lad. We drove out to the back beach and took a photo of Yvonne and Hiroe there.
WE decided to carry on and have lunch at the small village of Capel so that's what we did then just 8 km further on we pulled into a rest area in a pine forest at Ludlow where we will stay for the night.

Monday 31st Aug Day 85

We left Ludlow and drove into Busselton and had a look at the 1.8 km jetty there. The wind was blowing it was raining and it was FREEZING cold.
We visited the old court house and Police Station and goal.
There were side by side toilets in the old goal.
We continued on to Margaret River where it was still raining and cold and a little miserable to walk around. We did look a bit and had lunch before going further south through Witchcliffe then turned east at Karridale. We were going to stay overnight in a semi-freebie at Alexandra Bridge but it was too wet so we continued on the Nannup and booked into the small caravan park there. Nannup has a lot of tulips blooming in the main street gain.

Tuesday 1st Sep Day 86

It rained on and off last night we were glad to be in a caravan park, have power and the electric blanket on. We left Nannup and drove to Manjimup and as we arrived, so did the rain. On the way there, about 7 km from the junction of the Vasse Highway and Graphite Road a group of emus ran out of the scrub and into the side of our van. Thankfully not too much damage.
We drove on towards Walpole and had a brief look down at Nornalup Inlet on the way before having lunch.
We rang a caravan park in Albany and booked in for 2 nights which should give us time to dry everything out. We stopped in at William bay for a look at this marvelous beach.
Then at the lovely town of Denmark which has also had a lot of rain and the bandstand is flooded'
It's still raining and we are a bit sick of it.

Wed 2nd Sep Day 87

We had a very busy day today. First up we went to a caravan repair centre to purchase a new door handle for the van which was damaged yesterday. (Hiroe couldn't open the door) then it was up to the Light Horse Memorial from World War 1. It is a magnificent structure even though there are a lot of step to get up to it.
We then visited the pre world war 1 gun emplacements which were constructed in 1892.
The next stop was at the Albany Windfarm which supplies 80% of Albany's power. Albany has a population of 31,000.
Hiroe wanted to have a look at the local distillery which we did but the cost of the whiskey was too expensive.
We drove past the replica of the Brig Amity which bought Early settlers to Albany.
We caught up with cousin Wendy her daughter Glenda and Glenda's two children (Beth and Jim). It was good to catch up again.
Spent the remaining of the afternoon replacing the door latch on the van.

Thurs Sep 3 Day 88

Left Albany this morning and had a leisurely drive north East to Jerramangup, stopping for morning tean at Marra Bridge on the Pallinup River.
We intended stopping for the night at a rest area just outside Ravensthorpe however it as far too early so we continued on the Munglinup.

Fri Sep 4 Day 89

Left Munglinup before 8 am this morning and drove to Esperance where we visited the Rotary Lookout and took a heap of photos of the beaches and islands just off the coast. The water is an amazing colour here and very clear.
We stopped at the childrens playground where we had morning tea and looked at the harbour and the clock tower at the miniature railway station.
We then drove up to Grass Patch and took a photo of the sign at the entrance to the very small village.
On then to Salmon Gums where had lunch in the rest area provided by the community there. Then continued on to Norseman to fill the water tanks in the vans, do some food shopping for the long trip across the Nullabour and refuelled. We took a photo just out of town showing how far to Adelaide.
On then for another 80 km east to a lovely rest area at 10 Mile Rock where we have stayed for the night. We don't know when we might have internet range again so will be posting this off in a moment or so.
It is actually sunny today and warm.

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Days 73 to 83

Koorda to Perth

rain 20 °C

Wed 19th Aug Day 73

We drove from Dalwallinu to Bobs brother Richards at Koorda. There really wasn't very much to see along the way except miles and miles of wheat and canola.
It was good to catch up with Richie and Mui again. We set up then had a walk around the town - this didn't take long. We purchased a few items in the local IGA then spent a lovely afternoon and evening just chatting etc. Richie washed our car for us. It's been raining nearly all day.

Thurs 20th Aug Day 74

We had a little sleep in this morning then went for a walk again through town, came back to Richies took our car to fill up with fuel visited the local craft shop then came back to Richie and Mui's.

Fri 21st Aug Day 75

We left Koorda this morning and drove towards Perth. First stop was at Dowerin. We took some photos of the "Tin Dog" near the suthern entrance to the town then walked around the main street.
Next stop was at Goomaling. Well, We didn't really stop as it was raining so on we went to Toodyay where we just drove up and down the main street before continuing on to Noble Falls. Its was still raining but Rodney and Bob just had to take some photos here.
We drove on to the caravan park we had booked into a week ago at Forrestfield then after setting up we went to have a look at Perth City from Kings Park which is one of our favourite spots then on to Morley Shopping Centre for Lissie to indulge herself before returning to the caravan.

Sat 22nd Aug Day 76

Today was washing day and we were all busy until about lunch time.
Sun 23rd Aug Day 77

This morning we drove up to Mundaring to have a look at the weir which supplies water to Kalgoorlie (almost 600 km away). CY O'Connor was the states Chief Engineer at the time and the State of Western Australias total budget for the year 2001 was allocated to the task of construction and there was great controversy over the project. Most thought that it would be impossible to pump water that far and that it wouldn't work. CY O'Connor was under tremendous pressure and he road his horse into the sea south of Fremantle and committed suicide.
There were a total of 8 Pumping stations along the way.
We then drove out to Fremantle where we visited the Shed 8 markets then south to CY O'Connor Beach where there is a stuture of the man who rode into the sea.

We then drove up the coast to Scarborough Beach where we had a walk around.
Next stop was at South Perth where we took some photos of Perth Skyline before sunset right on sunset and then during twilight.
We had Spanish dinner at Northbridge.

Mon 24th Aug Day 78

Went into Midland this morning to have a look around in the shopping centre then had an underbody inspection done of the car. Had an appointment at a medical centre to get a prescription for Bob's medication which has almost run out.

Tues 25th Aug Day 79

We went into Perth City this morning and walked most of the main city centre streets. We did a little shopping as well and medication then returned to the van. No photos again today.

Wed 26th Aug Day 80

We drove quite a long way this morning up to Hillary's marina where we met up with Brother Alan and his wife Brenda for lunch at a restaurant called 3 sheets. The meal was quite good and it was good for Lissie and Rodney to catch up with some more relatives which were new for them.
There were a lot of boats here for sale, some of them very large but Rodney wouldn't purchase one for us.
We drove back towards the van but called into Morley shopping centre on the way to have afternoon tea and a walk around.

Thur 27th Aug Day 81

Rodney, Lissie and Hiroe went to Whiteman Park today to look at the Car Museum as well as the Wildlife Park. Bob stayed back at the van and did a lot of work in preparation to the drive back to Bomaderry starting on Sunday. Richard and Mui called in during the afternoon and stayed until the others returned from their excursion.

Fri 28th Aug Day 82

Rodney and Lissie caught a flight this morning back to Sydney. We were sorry to see them go. We spent the day dismantling the bunk over our bed and sorting out storage for all the items left behind as well as replacing the light above our bed. A VERY busy day.
We dont know what we are going to do with all the extra space in our caravan.

Sat 29th Aug Day 83

No photos again today. Glen and Yvonne arrived at 9.30 to pick up the 2 mattresses which are no longer needed. They are giving them to their grand daughter. Soon afterwards, brother Alan and Brenda arrived and after morning tea we drove to Belmont to look around and to do last minute shopping before we leave Perth tomorrow morning. So that's it for this blog entry.

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Days 70 to 72

Kalbarri to Dalwallinu

overcast 19 °C

Sunday Aug 16 day 70
Left Kalbarri and drove out of town to Red Bluff Lookout where we did the walk out to the point and took some photos.
We then went up another track to Mushroom Rock which Rodney had heard was magnificent but when we got to see it, it didn't meet our expectations.
Continuing on we decided to have a look at Castle Rock.
And followed this up with viewing The Natural Arch.
We were all cliff viewing out so we drove on till we reached Port Gregory and then had a look at Pink Lake.
We drove back to Northhampton and had lunch in the picnic area behind the Info Centre. It's Sunday and everything is closed so we continued on into Geraldton and found a supermarket open where we bought provisions for tonight. We then drove on to Dongara and took advantage of the towns free campsite near the showground.

Mon Aug 17 Day 71
After leaving Dongara we drove south to Leeman where we had morning tea. There was a small island called Shag Island just off the coast and it was covered in birds.
We continued on to Cervantes where we had lunch then drove out the The Pinnacles in Nambung National Park. It is simply amazing the number and shape of hundreds of limestone pillars in the shifting sand.
It was raining and the forecast indicated that it would continue so Rodney couldn't do and star shots tonight or any time soon so we decided to head inland slowly towards Bobs brother Richards at Koorda. We stopped overnight in Drummond Reserve near Moora.

Tues Aug 18 Day 72
In the morning we drove into town and took a photo of the hotel which has unusual (and dangerous looking), attachment near the roof line. also took a phot of Hiroe near a draft horse statue and mural.
We have been travelling all day in fields of wheat and canola with the occasional lupin patch.
We had lunch at Buntine then turned south to Dalwallinu where we booked into a caravan park for the night.

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